For many years a pergola has, for many people, meant a wooden garden structure, more something you grew roses over than to sit in! 

Things have moved a fair way since then and pergolas, like conservatories and garden rooms have become multi-purpose structures that can be used for a multitude of purposes from family barbecues to an extension to a busy bar or restaurant. The main reason for this is the advent of aluminium pergolas. These are robust aluminium structures that are modular and can be fitted with a number of extra features such as lighting, glazing and even music!

When you’re choosing a pergola you may have thought of a wooden structure initially and for many people that is what they want but if you have grander plans or perhaps run a business an aluminium pergola may well be the better option. 


You want to use your outdoor space all year round. Many people want to make the most of every season in the UK, especially since going abroad can be fraught with difficulties. Why not bring that holiday feeling right into your own home? If you’re a business extending your space and making it easier to serve more customers is simply common sense and you want to do it in all weathers, not just summer. An aluminium pergola gives you a huge range of options to do that. We have both fabric roofs and louvred aluminium ones as well as a robust structure, glazing, lighting, heating and music can be added to make it comfortable all year round.

But I love the look of wood!

Well, we have that covered too. Our pergolas come with the option to choose different wood look finishes ranging from a dark oak look to a lovely light pine – all the style of wood without the headache of maintenance and repairs – no woodstain involved! We also have standard RAL colours as well as custom colours so you can make your pergola truly individual. You can contrast or match the roof as well.

Did we mention roofs? Our pergolas have a huge advantage over wooden pergolas in this respect. You can choose from both retractable fabric and retractable louvred options both of which can be motorised (we do manual options on some models too) and come in a range of lovely colours that can be matched or contrasted with the structure. They are pretty good at shading, keeping off the rain and can even bear a snow load too!

With all the pergolas that are on offer it can be hard to make a decision and price and location can be a major factor. We’re based in Driffield, in the heart of Yorkshire and close to Hull, York and Leeds but we serve the whole UK and have done installations from the South Coast to Wales. Our team are skilled and friendly and we’re a family run company with a local feel and a national offering.

We offer top European quality at reasonable prices. We’ve never gone down the road of stocking ‘bargain basement’ pergolas from the Far East as we know from helping customers who’ve fallen foul of this that both product and installation quality often fall far short of expectations and you can end up with an expensive mess to put right. Our suppliers are simply the best and share our passion for the great outdoors and enjoying it. They provide some of the best outdoor options on the market and we’re always exploring the market to find more exciting products and great suppliers, so, watch this space!

If you want to know more we’re always ready to chat and you can come and visit us at our showroom in Driffield (by appointment) or give Charlie a call and he’ll be happy to either book a survey or help you make the right choice for you. Our handy guides also explain the process and what we’ll need from you. Find them and our range in our brochure which you can download from the button below.