Ok, it doesn’t feel like it’s been much of a summer but we have had some lovely bright days and autumn although spelling the end of summer has its attractions too. Often there can be bright days right up until winter sets in and a morning with a slight chill early on can turn into a bright day where sitting in the sun is is truly pleasant.

A pergola can extend this pleasure well into the autumn and indeed the winter. Most of our pergola models come with the option to add heating, lighting and glazing which can make even a chilly autumn morning a time to enjoy.

Extending your use of your pergola is something you’ll be keen to once you’ve started to enjoy your outside space and that doesn’t need to stop once the days start to shorten. The roofs of our pergolas are weather proof to a very high standard and adding weather sensors can help you manage using your pergola whatever the elements throw at you! Our roofs are rainproof, windproof and can even carry a high snow load. They’re also adjustable so you can let in that lovely autumn sunshine or open to stargaze on a clear autumn night.

Heaters can make staying out a pleasure on even colder nights and with lighting it makes your pergola the perfect place to watch the fireworks from on Guy Fawkes night or maybe you can create your own Halloween witches cottage so many ways to enjoy being in your outside space! Late summer barbecues become an appealing prospect and a way to extend the seasons you use your pergola.

Using lighting means as the nights draw in you can still use your outdoor space and adding things like solar lights to add brightness to a garden or mark out a path. We have different lighting options including coloured lighting to suit any style or mood and adding options like bluetooth music can turn your pergola into a place to entertain all year round.

Adding zip blinds provides shading in summer but can also provide privacy on autumn evenings and a measure of insulation too. Adding warm throws to summer furniture can also make the pergola feel cosy and enjoying a serving of a winter soup in comfort makes the autumn days something to be savoured.

So, extend your summer and discover autumn with a pergola.