As we near the end of August and the days start getting shorter, summer holidays are over and the children start back at school summer can feel like it’s already over. It’s easy to miss those glorious early Autumn days when the sun is still warm and the evening still not chilly enough to drive us inside – just yet!

At Yorkshire Pergolas we believe in making the most of every season and Autumn is no exception! With a pergola you can make the most of those wonderful late summer and early Autumn days when the sun can be as warm as in the summer and although the nights are drawing in and getting a bit chilly lights and heaters will help you make the most of the evenings too.

The Autumn evenings can often be spectacular with clear skies and cool starry nights that make late barbecues and drinks in the evening something to be savoured. With many people discovering the joys of fire pits having somewhere to retreat when the fire burns low but you don’t want to end the evening makes a pergola an ideal option.

Many of our pergolas are glazed so they can be used all year round and our robust but stylish sliding glazing provides the perfect haven to enjoy Autumn. Add lights and heating and it becomes a cosy place to enjoy all that Autumn has to offer. Adding blinds, sliding panels or tracked shutters can also add privacy when the nights draw in and you have your pergola lights on as well as providing shade in the summer.

With adjustable roofs in fabric and aluminium louvres the odd shower as the seasons change can’t drive you indoors. Enjoying every season of the year is now easy with a pergola. Simply, tilt or pull back the roof in sunny conditions or flick a switch and quickly and easily the roof closes to shelter you from that pesky shower!

So, lets look forward to Halloween and Bonfire night and those gorgeous Autumn days watching the leaves fall from the trees!