Frequently Asked Questions…

Below, you will find a collection of the more frequently asked questions regarding our Pergolas.
How do I protect my pergola from adverse weather?

All our Pergolas undergo rigorous testing and are compliant with strict EU requirements.

As with all outdoor constructions, they may be affected by adverse weather conditions such as snow or high winds, below we’ve explained how to protect your pergola from damage during bad weather.


We advise retracting fabric pergola roofs and if fitted with glass sliding doors we advise leaving these open and pushed back to allow wind to blow through the structure.


Always retract your roof system if the roof has louvres position them in the vertical upright position prior to retracting the roof.

What type of Pergolas do you offer?

We have a huge range designed from some of the top European manufacturers to meet all our customers requirements both domestic and commercial ranging from Aluminium Bioclimatic models to ones with retractable fabric roofs. All models are aluminium and come in painted or even wood look finishes. We really have something for everyone!

How much do they cost?

I totally understand the need to ask this question. The cost depends on model, size and accessories a bit like how something like a new kitchen or bathroom would be estimated in that it varies. We have a good spread of models which suit many different budgets so don’t be afraid to ask about what would be best for your budget and needs.

What additional accessories are available for my Pergola?
We have a wide range of accessories to personalise your pergola such as bespoke colour options from the RAL colour range. LED lighting is always a popular addition this can be spot or strip lighting in either White or RGB colours. Automated side Zip screen blinds are perfect for privacy and shade as well as Aluminium sliding Louvered panels that add an extra element of light control. Sliding Glass doors or solid glass walls for those who want a year-round room environment as well as glazed roofs for maximum sun exposure. Weather sensors that sense wind rain and sun to automatically close or open the roof. Many pergola models feature automation although some are manual only. You can also choose to fit heaters which make it possible to use all year round and bluetooth speakers for a bit of entertainment.
How are they fitted?
Pergolas can be either free standing away from your property or wall mounted to the property depending on what you would like. Some models are only wall mounted so it’s worth bearing that in mind.
Are Pergolas waterproof?

In the main yes, they are especially models with Aluminium Louvered or fabric roofs.
Our Pergolas have integrated rain gutters that collect rainwater from the roof and channel it down the supporting legs. However, if you are having sides fitted to your Pergola which can be Zip blinds or sliding glass doors then depending on the surface where the Pergola is fitted, we can’t guarantee a watertight seal due to uneven surfaces of your patio.

How long do they take to install and who installs them?

This depends entirely on the shape, size and complexities of each job. We estimate the time it would take when we do a site survey. All our pergolas are installed by the Yorkshire Pergolas team who are all highly experienced in every aspect of installation – we take pride in doing the perfect job!

Where are your Pergolas made?
We only work with top European manufacturers who we’ve personally visited and have passed our strict quality control requirements – we want our customers to have the very best in quality and style – why would we settle for less?
How long is delivery once I've ordered my Pergola?
This is normally 8 weeks + 5 days for transportation to the UK and we arrange an installation date for as soon after delivery as possible.
Does my pergola require planning permission?
This is a great question! Without a straight yes or no answer as planning permission varies by local authority. Based on past experience of fitting our pergolas and what our customers tell us planning permission is not required as our pergolas are not classed as permanent structures and if kept below 2.5m in height should be permitted development for domestic applications. The only issues we have encountered is where a pergola or awning is over a public walkway as in a commercial application and then it would be best to ask your local planning office.
What are the power and electrical requirements for my pergola?
Pergolas have various components and accessories that require mains power such as an automated roof, electric zip side blinds, LED lights, bluetooth speakers and infrared heaters.
Based on previous pergola installations a 13 amp power supply has been adequate.
Once your pergola has been installed you will need the services of a qualified electrician to make the final connection into your mains supply and issue the appropriate certification – Yorkshire Pergolas do not provide this and we recommend engaging a qualified, local tradesman who can do this bit for you.
What surface can my pergola be mounted on?
We’ve installed many pergolas on different surfaces and part of our site survey is to determine the suitability of the proposed location it is to be fitted. We need a level surface that will allow us to bolt down the vertical posts of the pergola to provide a stable base for the entire structure. It may be necessary for you to do groundworks to make this possible so you’ll need to employ a trusted and qualified local tradesman to do this for you as we don’t supply this service.
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