Our range of stunning pergolas all come with a range of practical pergola accessories that add levels of comfort and functionality to your pergola.

Whatever you want to use your pergola for we can help you choose the accessories that will make it easier to for you to use your pergola the way you want to. Whether you’re a large commercial premises or just wanting a place to relax at your home there’s something to make your experience that bit more special!



Glazing adds the option to use your pergola pretty all year round. Our sliding glass panels are of the highest quality and can be used in different combinations to provide shelter when and where it’s needed.

Blinds & Shutters


Blinds or shutters provide the option for shade and privacy and can be automated for easy adjustment along with the roof louvres or fabric. They provide a lovely finishing touch and can make a pergola into an extra room for use as anything from a dining room to a home office.



Lighting comes in two types – strip LED or spot LED with options for dimming and colour changes to provide the ultimate ambience, perfect for a day to night bar!



Heating can be fitted to most pergola models and is perfect if you would like to use your outside space all year round particularly in a commercial situation such as a pub restaurant.

Bluetooth Audio


Bluetooth audio can be fitted to your pergola to give you access to your favourite sounds. It can be controlled via any bluetooth device such as a smartphone or computer and is perfect for either home or commercial settings.

Weather Sensors


Weather sensors make sure your pergola can respond to any changes in temperature, weather conditions or wind speed. With sensors for temperature, rain and wind a pergola can be set to automatically adjust roof louvres or roof to respond to external conditions to avoid damage or simply to provide shade or cover from rain when needed.

Automation & Controls


Automation and controls of various kinds can be provided with multiple controllers and different ways of automating the various functions of your pergola and it’s accessories. Some pergola types are purely manually adjusted and do not require automatic controls and this is stated on the information within the brochure and will be explained at a consultation.