Pergola Awning

What do We do?

We are one of the best pergola installers in the UK. We prepare, provide, and install pergolas and awnings. Our pergolas UK are available in numerous designs, styles, and materials. We can customize pergolas and pergola awnings according to your preferences. There are many pergola companies in the UK, however, we offer a broad and versatile range that can fit your budget while providing premium quality. Pergola manufacturers use various types of materials including metal, wood, stone, etc. to construct pergolas. We make sure to use only premium quality materials while keeping your pergola cost affordable. We also provide awnings that you can use for covering your passageway, walkway, patio, etc. Our awnings can also be used for covering your pergolas.

What Are Pergola Awnings?

Pergolas and awnings are outdoor structures that provide shade in your garden, passageway, or walkway. However, pergolas are permanent structures while awnings are temporary. Awnings are secondary coverings often used as an extended roof cover typically made from fabrics such as canvas, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc. While pergolas are fixed, awnings can be retractable, fixed, wall-mounted, and even portable. 

    Awnings are used both by households and businesses. You must have witnessed many restaurants on the streets with awnings extended forward from their fronts to provide shade to customers.

    Cover your pergola with an awning and you have the perfect protection from the sun and the rain.

    Both also provide incredible aesthetic value to the exterior of your home. Contact us and get your pergola awning today.


    Benefits of Pergola Awnings

    • Protection for your pergola
    • Extra protection from sunlight and rain
    • Gives your home an exotic appearance and adds to its aesthetic value.
    • Required little maintenance.
    • Compliment your pergolas and awnings by installing accessories like LED lights.
    Pergola Awning

    Get Your Pergola Awning Today

    • Drop Us a Line:

    If you want to cover and protect your pergola while adding more utility to it, then call us and we will provide you with a highly durable and long-lasting pergola awning.

    • Select Your Fabric:

    We offer awnings in numerous fabrics such as canvas specially made from cotton yarn, acrylic fabrics, polyester, and others. We provide premium quality options. Select the one that you find best.

    • Select the Style:

    Select your awning style from lateral guides, sails, drop-downs, and several others.

    • Select the Mode:

    Awnings can be fixed, retractable, or portable. Select the one you prefer.

    • Free Quote:

    We will provide you with a free quote for your pergola awning.

    • Installation:

    Once you accept our highly reasonable quote, we will provide you with an installation date. Our pergola installers will visit your site and install your awning to your complete satisfaction.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Premium Quality & Modern Designs

    The fabrics we use for preparing our awnings are premium quality and offer incredible resistance to climatic conditions. You can select from a variety of fabrics available in several colours. Match your pergolas with the right fabric for adding an extra layer of protection while adding to its aesthetics. Special waterproof fabrics are also used for protecting against rainy weather. Our experts can design and customize awnings exactly according to your preferences. Get a tailor-made pergola awning from us just by calling us.

    • Best Rates

    Awnings are available at a wide range of prices depending on several factors such as the type of fabric, the mode of operation, design, and size. On average, prices can range from £250 to £9000. This does not include your pergola cost. Installation charges can vary from £400 to £1000. The cost will increase if you opt for electric operation or remote control. We have priced our products and services for maximum affordability. When you hire us, you can be sure that you will get the top-quality products at the best rates in the UK.

    • Contact Us

    We are among the top-ranking pergola companies. Get in touch with us for the broadest range of pergola awnings and pergolas UK, available in numerous designs and styles. Call us on our registered number and discuss your requirements with our representative. You can check out our designs which are available online or you can present your own. You can also get in touch with us online through our website.

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