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Are Pergolas Worth It?

Pergolas provide an incredible view of your garden and home. They hold a special aesthetic value and can provide great utility in the form of shade and ambience. Pergolas have been around for centuries and have evolved into a modern structure over the years. Pergola manufacturers construct pergolas from a variety of materials including wood, metal, bricks, CPVC, vinyl, etc. Metal pergolas have recently found relatively more success due to several factors. They are more resistant to weather, they are relatively cheaper, and they can be made into any design you want. Pergolas can be fitted with several utilities such as LED lights, heating utilities, etc. For beautiful and elegant pergola Leeds, get in touch with us today. We are among the best pergola companies in Leeds and have installed countless pergolas to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Benefits of Pergolas

  • Provide incredible aesthetic value to your garden, passageway, or walkway.
  • Enjoy the shade and throw afternoon parties.
  • Low maintenance, especially metal pergolas.
  • Install accessories like LED lights to make your entire home look amazing.

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    Contact our pergola installers if you want a bespoke and incredibly designed pergola in Leeds. Talk to our representative in detail regarding any design you have in mind or check our website for ideas. Request a free quote over the phone or online through our website. You can call us any time during work hours. We will gladly answer any queries you have regarding Pergolas.

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    You can also check out our website for projects we have completed. Our team members will take the necessary measurements and advise you regarding the best pergola material, design, and accessories.


    If you accept the free quote, we will provide you with a booking date for installing your pergola Leeds. Our pergola installers will visit your site on the booking date and install your pergola. The installation may take a day or two depending on site conditions, pergola size, and additional utilities you opt for.

    Pergola Leeds

    Why Choose Us Over Our Competitors?

    Expert Designers & Fitters

    We have a team of expert designers who have considerable experience when it comes to designing and installing pergolas. Our team members use the latest tools & equipment to ensure a precise fit. Our experts can also install LED lights, heating systems, etc to meet your requirements. Whether you want an open-top pergola, gable pergola, sail pergola, or any other design, we can do it for you. Our experts can also provide you with bespoke and customized designs. We are among the top-ranking pergola manufacturers in Leeds and have the best team of technicians.

    Best Prices

    Pergola cost depends on the material of construction and the size. CPVC, vinyl, wood, and metal pergolas will all have different costs. Your pergola cost will include the cost of raw material, accessories, labour charges, etc.

    The average cost in the UK of a pergola can be around £2,500. However, prices can vary considerably, from £400 to over £6,000.

    The cost of a pergola will also vary with the season and your location. If the site where you want to build your pergola needs preparation, that would add to your total cost.

    High-end luxurious pergolas can even cost more than £10,000 depending on the utilities and add-ons you opt for. We build the most affordable Pergola Leeds among all the pergola companies. We procure premium quality raw materials for our pergolas. Whether it is wood, steel, aluminium, or CPVC. All our materials are procured from the best vendors in the UK for ensuring a long-lasting pergola.

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