Wave Pergola…

With a manually controlled canopy it’s soft wave shaping gives the Wave Pergola a light airy feel that belies it’s sturdy aluminium construction. The wave shaping on it’s canopy is visually pleasing but sturdy enough to provide effective protection against rain and sun. Imitation wood varnish gives a unique ‘rustic’ feel which will complement most terraces or garden settings to provide a sturdy, weatherproof alternative to real wood pergolas.

Wave Pergola Characteristics

Controlled manually by a cord.
Can be up to 7m width and have a maximum projection of 6.0m
A unique option for existing installations to add style and function to outside space.
Easy manual control.

Unique ‘wave’ fabric shape in a variety of lovely fabrics which are sun and weatherproof.

Custom colours available for the construction including wood varnish finish.
Drainage to one side of pergola option.
A selection of accessories including lighting and heating.
Possibility of powder coating in any RAL colour and wood-like varnish.