“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”
Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s wise words hold just as true today as they did back in the 18th century and in a world of mass production perhaps even more so.

A pergola is a big investment and since you want it to give pleasure for many years to come it’s something you need to give a great deal of consideration to both the quality of the product and the expertise of the installer.

As pergolas have become more popular many people are considering installing one, after all they not only shade from the sun (when we do get any!), they also protect from the rain and with the addition of accessories provide almost another room in your home. With the rise of home working and lack of access to the sunshine holidays abroad that we’ve been used to they seem like the perfect idea to maximise your outdoor space.

And there are a huge amount of options on the market! So, how do you separate the good from the bad?

Well, one thing is the price. Most people know that a pergola won’t come in cheap but there is a wide range of prices that reflects product quality and installation quality too. The popularity of pergolas has meant a flooding of the market with cheaper Chinese models that may not live up to the expectations of European customers and indeed also be far less durable and well designed. It may seem like a way to get an affordable pergola but will it be affordable when you’re replacing it barely two or three years down the line?

The quality of the pergola itself both in materials and design are another key pointer to getting a product that will last years trouble free. Cheaper models will be made more cheaply of inferior materials and may not be as well designed. All Yorkshire Pergolas products from our pergolas to our awnings and sail blinds are from top European manufacturers that have been making outdoor solutions for decades. The products we sell are the very best on the market and are built to last and look beautiful for years to come. They are beautifully designed to the last detail and our customers are always totally delighted with the results whatever design they choose.

The quality of the installation is also a big factor in the end result and again experience is key. The Yorkshire Pergolas team has had over 10 years experience installing in customer’s homes as part of the Beautifully Shuttered Group and the care and expertise they have gained they apply to each pergola installation. Our team take the utmost care in what they do from surveying your home or business and advising you on the best choice for your outdoor space to that magical day when they install your pergola for you. Inexperienced installers can cause chaos and leave you with a result that can be not just disappointing but also dangerous if electrical installations are involved!

Aftercare is an important consideration too. A good installer will offer an aftercare package and guarantees that mean if anything isn’t 100% right or anything goes wrong you can always call them. At Yorkshire Pergolas we aim to make sure everything is perfect on the day we install your pergola but we’ll always be there if you need to ask us anything even if it is tips on how to clean your pergola or one of the LED bulbs has gone!

All-in-all we try to make sure that our customers love everything about our products and what we do and choosing Yorkshire Pergolas means you get a top class product and expert installation. Our service is always with a smile and we love to see our customer’s smiles when an installation is finished.

The review below is from a customer in Leicestershire who found that buying a pergola can be fraught with difficulties but found that once Yorkshire Pergolas were involved it was all smooth sailing!

Incredible awesome product and workmanship!!!!”

“Yesterday we had the pleasure of having Charlie and his team Pete and De arrive at our property to install our long-awaited pergola. I need to emphasise the long-awaited part as this has nothing to do with Charlie and amazing his team but another company that we had found online. We paid a hefty deposit and were promised the world and more regarding their pergolas then we waited and waited!!!

When the pergola arrived wrapped in what I can only describe as cling film and all scratched and the company had no instructions on how to install. The quality of the product was totally sub-standard and they pulled out of the job as they had no idea how to build it. We were devastated but were given Charlie’s number to contact, so we did. The service, the product, the customer service and communication and the excellent workmanship is incredible especially as we had just had such a bad experience.

We were very apprehensive at first having been promised so much previously, but the service couldn’t have been more different and the speed that Charlie put the project together was phenomenal and the end result I have to admit is nothing short of amazing!!! The pergola went up yesterday Charlie did everything he promised and more. We are so happy with everything and they all worked so hard. It has made our house look like something from a home magazine. We highly recommend Charlie and his team, the product and workmanship a big thank you for your amazing work !!!”

Customer in Leicestershire

Sep 2021