“This is the second night I’ve been woken with high winds. The first thing that pops into my mind is how this will be playing havoc with all these cheap Chinese pergolas.”

One thing is for sure with our changeable climate and the Atlantic storms that visit us each year, strong winds and storms are a fact of life. That’s why when you buy a garden pergola you want to be sure that it is able to withstand bad weather.

Some of the companies selling and installing some of the cheaper pergola models from the Far East even advise that they can be glued down with products similar to ‘No More Nails’ and other such ‘shortcuts’ which have no long term durability and are certainly not going to hold an aluminium structure in a very high wind!

So, what makes our pergolas different?

All of our products have weather resistance specifications which can be seen on our website and in our brochure. This means you can see how resistant to rain the roof is, how well it can stand snow load and what the wind resistance is. For example our Vista model is capable of operating even if the wind speed is 120 kmph and will be be able to withstand wind speeds even higher if non operational.

All our products are secured by bolting properly to the hard standing that we install them on. This is why we insist on proper ground works being done as what your pergola is based on is extremely important to make it safe and secure to use whatever the weather.

The aluminium frames of our pergolas are extremely durable and are made to last for years, they are well designed, well made and of the highest quality and we install to the very highest standards so you can be sure that your pergola won’t fly away during the storms of winter!

That said, we do have a few tips to make sure your pergola stays safe during the storms:

All our pergolas have the option for weather sensors which can help to automate the pergola to respond to the weather. These are for wind, rain and sun and can be added as accessories. These can help your pergola respond to weather conditions automatically, handy whether you are at home or not!

Preparing your pergola for winter if you don’t use it can help it withstand stormy weather too. If you’re not going to be using it taking items such as furniture, gas barbecues, pizza ovens, hot tubs or soft textiles out of it may be a good idea. Quite apart from the possibility of getting damaged if wind does get in it means they can be stored away from damp conditions.

Another tip is to make sure that you have nothing that is or could get loose close to your pergola especially if its glazed. Even what appear to be fairly heavy items can be picked up in the higher winds we’ve been having!

You can storm set your pergola to withstand conditions such as snow or wind which will help to keep it safe and sound all winter.

We advise retracting fabric pergola roofs and if fitted with glass sliding doors we advise leaving these open and pushed back to allow wind to blow through the structure. Our sliding aluminium shutters can be set to allow wind to blow through the structure too. Zip blinds should of course be retracted.

Always retract your roof system if the roof has louvres position them in the vertical upright position prior to retracting the roof.

Of course, key to making sure your pergola will stand up to bad weather is looking at the quality of the product in the first place and being aware of cheaper, poor quality products on the market. At Yorkshire Pergolas we have a range of pergolas all of which have the very highest standards on the market. We make sure personally that all our pergolas meet the highest quality standards whichever price bracket they fall into. We won’t sell the cheap Far Eastern pergolas because they simply don’t last and are poor quality!

If you’re looking for a pergola we’re always happy to welcome you at our Driffield showroom where you can see for yourself our range and find out just how durable they are. We’re also happy to demonstrate how to set your pergola up for bad weather and how our weather sensors work.

Always remember:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Benjamin Franklin

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