What makes a pergola a better buy than an awning or indeed a conservatory? What makes them different? And what will make a pergola a better addition to my home or business?

These are questions many of our customers ask themselves before taking the plunge and buying one of our pergolas. Just what makes a pergola different?

A pergola is the bridge between indoors and outdoors.

Unlike a conservatory you can adjust the roof to let the sun in or shade against the rain, you can pull back our top quality sliding glazing on a sunny summer day or slide it shut on cooler days. Like a conservatory it can be fitted with heating, lighting, music and blinds but you always feel at any moment it can become more like a mediterranean terrace.

An awning can have appeal as it’s often cheaper than a pergola but models like our ‘Simple’ and ‘Pro Air’ are surprisingly affordable and much sturdier than an awning they also have the option to fit blinds as well as lighting and a heater.

Our pergolas are very sturdy too and can stand up to rain, wind and even snow weight which makes them useable all year something an awning isn’t always suitable for. They also come with weather sensors to help you adjust your pergola to suit whatever the weather decides to do that day!

With a sturdy aluminium frame our pergolas are built to last and they are stylish too. They come in a wide range of finishes for both the frame and the roof including custom colours and a range of wood look finishes that combine all the style of a natural wood pergola without a can of wood stain in sight! And the roofs whether fabric or aluminium louvres come in lovely contrasting or matching colours that perfectly complement any architectural style.

They can be built freestanding or attached to a structure. Whether you have a standalone terrace or a patio our pergolas can be built in different settings – even on a balcony! Unlike awnings they don’t need to attach to a wall or be part of your home like a conservatory. They make beautiful garden room retreats or even secluded home offices.

They’re particularly suitable for commercial use where more space is needed outdoors but you need a degree of comfort not offered by an awning and more airflow than a conservatory. Somewhere that can be used as an extension for a busy restaurant or a trendy bar – where you could sit and eat or dance the night away!

Have everything you need at your fingertips with our remote controls. Need lighting? Why not have it change colour? Feeling a bit chilly? Put the heaters on. Sun come out? Let’s pull back the roof! Need more privacy? Down with the blinds. Feel like a bit of music? Turn on your favourite tunes with the bluetooth speakers.

A pergola becomes a space where anything can happen from a lazy Sunday afternoon barbecue in summer to a starry night watching the fireworks in November. What could yours become?

Are you convinced yet?

Take a look at our range and let your imagination take you where pergolas make special places!